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find data about degrees?

Data tables related to degrees awarded, doctoral degrees, and postdoctorates can be found on the Data page and explored further via our interactive data tool.

find other science and engineering (S&E) doctorate reports and data?

Other reports on the topic of doctorates awarded in S&E are available from the S&E Doctorate Awards series page.

find information on the sources cited in the data tables?

Primary data sources are available in the section technical notes.

get a copy of the SED questionnaire?

A PDF version of the 2017 paper questionnaire is available here. For other years, or to learn more about the Survey of Earned Doctorates, please visit the survey’s homepage on the NCSES website.

find previous editions of this report?

Previous editions of this report are available on the prior releases page.

find more on these topics from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics?

See the section related resources for links to additional reports and tools.

contact the author?

Information for Jaquelina Falkenheim, Report Author, and Kelly Kang, SED Project Officer, is available on the Contact Us page.

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For technical problems with this website, please contact us. For general questions, please visit the NSF help page.

cite this report?

National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. 2018. Doctorate Recipients from U.S. Universities: 2017. Special Report NSF 19-301. Alexandria, VA. Available at