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Data Version
Data Overview
  • Full Indicator links to a full report PDF, containing the indicator description, U.S. map, bar chart, and table.
  • Data links to the data table for that indicator, containing all of the underlying data of the indicator, as well as the indicator expressed as a ratio.
  • Standard Error (if applicable) links to the standard errors of the underlying data sources of the indicator as well as the standard error of the indicator.
  • Data Archive is the historical data from State Indicators releases from the June 2021 version to present. Each data version presents the historical data as it was initially reported from the data sources, which are subject to revision. Original data published in previous State Indicators releases are available for download by selecting the data release version from the drop-down menu underneath the Downloads header.
ReferenceState IndicatorFull Indicator (PDF)Data (Excel)Standard Error Tables (Excel)
NA = not available
na = not applicable

Data Sources