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Public School Teacher Salaries (Dollars)

State Indicator S-9

This indicator represents the average salary of all full-time public school teachers. The year refers to the end date of the academic year. For example, 2016 data represent salaries for the 2015–16 academic year. The data include salaries for teachers with varying amounts of teaching experience and various types and levels of formal education; therefore, within-state salaries vary widely.

Salary estimates for public elementary and secondary teachers are provided by the National Education Association’s Estimates of School Statistics. The data reflect the average gross salary before deductions for Social Security, retirement, health insurance, etc.

Public school teacher salaries may reflect a range of factors, including state funding for primary and secondary education, the state's cost of living, the teachers' experience and education level, and the local supply and demand in the job market. Average statewide salaries are typically lower than the national average in most states, indicating that a small share of states with high salaries results in a higher national average. Average teacher salaries have risen across the nation in unadjusted dollars, but salary increases are significantly smaller in inflation-adjusted terms.

Data source: National Education Association Rankings and Estimates database.

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NA = not available.

NOTES: The national average for the United States is the reported value from the National Education Association (NEA) and does not include U.S. territories. Please see source for information on estimation techniques. (Used with permission of the NEA © 2019. All rights reserved.)

SOURCE: National Education Association Rankings and Estimates database, data as of April 2019.

Recommended Citation: National Science Board. “Public School Teacher Salaries.” Science and Engineering Indicators: State Indicators. Alexandria, VA: National Science Foundation. Accessed on [date of user access].

Last updated: September 24, 2019