5 December 2023: The unit of measure label in table A was corrected from “percent” to “number.” The wording in the first sentence of the “Field of doctorate” section, subsection “Minority U.S. citizens and permanent residents” was corrected from “S&E doctorate recipients” to “doctorate recipients.” The title text of table B was corrected from “S&E doctorates . . .” to “Doctorates. . .” The values in table B’s “Not Hispanic or Latino” row (number and percent) and “Ethnicity not reported” row (percent) were corrected for a calculation error, and the “Ethnicity not reported” label was outdented one level to indicate this category is not a subset of the “Not Hispanic or Latino" category. The unit of measure in several values in the “Field of doctorate” and the “Postgraduation trends” sections was changed from “percent” to “percentage point.”