Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering (GSS) Public Use Data Files

Latest Year Available: 2022

Microdata from the Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering are provided in the files below. Data are available for each survey year beginning with 1972.

The file organization makes each year's institution, school, and organizational unit data available in a single record. The files also allow researchers to link to other institutional data sources.

All data files are provided as compressed .zip files. Use an archive utility program that supports the .zip format to uncompress the files you download to your computer.

Because of the large number of columns in the Excel files, the data have been divided among three worksheets: Race, Support, and Postdoc_Nonfaculty Researcher (PD_NFR)

To improve multi-year analysis using the Carnegie classifications, the 2015 Carnegie classification has been added to prior-year public use files. Missing values within the 1994, 2005, and 2010 classifications were also filled for nine institutions.

Guidance Files

Appendix B: Data Item Descriptions (XLSX 48 KB)
Appendix B: Data Item Descriptions (PDF 499 KB)
Appendix A: Data Element Availability By Year (PDF 211 KB)
Guide To Public Use Data Files (PDF 293 KB)
Downloadable Files
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2022 (ZIP 15.2 MB)
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2021 (ZIP 15.7 MB)
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2020 (ZIP 15.4 MB)
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2019 (ZIP 14.7 MB)
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2018 (ZIP 24.1 MB)
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2017 (ZIP 23.4 MB)
2017 old
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2017_old (ZIP 6.5 MB)
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2016 (ZIP 13.0 MB)
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2015 (ZIP 7.8 MB)
Graduate_Students_Postdocs_2014 (ZIP 7.7 MB)