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Intuitive tools to analyze NCSES data on R&D and the education and employment of the STEM workforce.
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Data Explorer

Quickly discover and learn about available surveys and measures with the Data Explorer.
Tool purpose
Access NCSES metadata

Chart Builder

Easily generate line and bar graphs using the Chart Builder.
Tool purpose
Visualize NCSES data
National and State

Table Builder

Create custom tables using public data from NCSES surveys and two surveys from the Department of Education.
Tool purpose
Tabulate NCSES data
National and State


Generate custom tables using public data from the SESTAT family of data collections.
Tool purpose
Tabulate SESTAT surveys
National and Regional

NCSES Data Profiles

Academic Institution Profiles

Compare institution profiles to view selected data on doctorates, graduate students, funding, and expenditures. Profiles and corresponding data are based on data collections from four NCSES surveys.

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Science and Engineering State Profiles

Learn about state-level data on science and engineering personnel and finances, R&D performance, and federal R&D obligations. All data are available for download.

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State Indicators

Compare 60 key indicators to understand how your state ranks against other states and the nation. State trends include science and engineering education, workforce, R&D, patents and publications, and knowledge-intensive industries. 

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Access Our Data for Analysis

Public Use Data Files

Public use data files are microdata files and documentation available for public use.

Survey of Earned Doctorates Restricted Data Analysis System (RDAS)

The RDAS allows users to access a comprehensive set of SED variables on a secure platform to create data tables.

Access Restricted Use Data

Apply to gain access to NCSES's restricted use microdata.

Data Inventory

View our available data inventory.

Data Resources

Schedule of Release Dates

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NCSES Knowledge Base

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IRIS (Archived Data Resource)

Access historical detailed statistical tables on industrial R&D from the Survey of Industrial Research and Development (IRIS).