Research and Development

Research & Development Area of Interest.

Explore data and trends within U.S. research and development. Highlights include the following:

  • R&D expenditures among various sectors, including businesses, academic institutions, government, nonprofits, and research facilities
  • Performers of R&D
  • Sources of funds for R&D
  • Type of R&D (basic research, applied research, and experimental development)
  • Geographic location of R&D

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Visit the resources below to learn more about this area of interest.

National Patterns of R&D Resources

Annual Business Survey (ABS)

Business Enterprise Research and Development Survey (BERD)

Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD)

FFRDC Research and Development Survey (FFRDC R&D)

Survey of State Government Research and Development

Survey of Federal Funds for Research and Development

Academic Institution Profiles

Science and Engineering State Indicators

Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI)