Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD) Public Use Data Files

Latest Year Available: 2022

Institution-level microdata from the Higher Education Research and Development Survey are provided in the files below. The files include all publicly releasable data. Data from the earlier version of the survey, the Survey of R&D Expenditures at Universities and Colleges, are available for the survey years 1972 through 2009. Beginning in FY 2012, a shorter version of the questionnaire was administered to all institutions reporting under $1 million in R&D expenditures in the previous year. The data for this population of institutions are included in the files named "2012 (short)", "2013 (short)", etc.

The file organization makes each year's institution data available in a single record. The files also allow researchers to link to other institutional data sources. The microdata are organized by year and are available in SAS and CSV formats. Detailed descriptions and instructions for the data files are provided below.

Correction(s) Date Jul 25, 2019: Data in the SAS, SPSS, and CSV formats of the 2010–16 Higher Education Research and Development Survey public use files were incorrect between 20 November 2018 and 25 July 2019. During this time, only the Excel format contained the latest data revisions. All formats for these years are now correct.

Instructions Files

Guide To Public Use Data Files (PDF 509 KB)
Downloadable Files
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2022 (ZIP 6.7 MB)
2022 short
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2022_short (ZIP 165 KB)
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2021 (ZIP 6.4 MB)
2021 short
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2021_short (ZIP 160 KB)
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2020 (ZIP 6.4 MB)
2020 short
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2020_short (ZIP 158 KB)
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2019 (ZIP 6.5 MB)
2019 short
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2019_short (ZIP 166 KB)
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2018 (ZIP 6.4 MB)
2018 short
Higher_Education_R_and_D_2018_short (ZIP 166 KB)