Survey of Science and Engineering Research Facilities Public Use Data Files

Latest Year Available: 2021

Institution-level microdata from the Survey of Science and Engineering Research Facilities are provided in the files below. The files include all publicly releasable data for each biennial period beginning in FY 2003.

The file organization makes each institution's biennial data available in a single record. The files also allow researchers to link to other institutional data sources. The microdata are organized by year and are available in Excel and SAS formats. Detailed descriptions and instructions for the data files are provided below.

Instructions Files

Guide To Public Use Data Files (PDF 645 KB)
Downloadable Files
2021 imputed
Research_Facilities_2021_imputed (ZIP 179 KB)
2019 imputed
Research_Facilities_2019_imputed (ZIP 179 KB)
2017 imputed
Research_Facilities_2017_imputed (ZIP 162 KB)
2015 imputed
Research_Facilities_2015_imputed (ZIP 144 KB)
2013 imputed
Research_Facilities_2013_imputed (ZIP 147 KB)
Research_Facilities_2011 (ZIP 122 KB)
Research_Facilities_2009 (ZIP 134 KB)
Research_Facilities_2007 (ZIP 138 KB)
Research_Facilities_2005 (ZIP 130 KB)
Research_Facilities_2003 (ZIP 191 KB)